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10 Real Reasons People Dislike Railroad Lawsuit Colon Cancer Railroad Lawsuit Colon Cancer > free bulletin board

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How to File a Railroad class action lawsuit against railroads

Compensation is available to railroad workers who contract a disease due to their job. A FELA lawyer may help.

Plaintiffs claim they were exposed to degreasing agents as well as creosote, Union Pacific Railroad Lawsuit the generic term for coal tar, when working for Chicago & North Western Railway Company and its successor union pacific Railroad lawsuit Pacific Railroad Company.


The Federal Employers' Liability Act (FELA), which is a law, permits railroad workers to sue their employers when they are injured while on the job. In contrast to workers' compensation laws which provide financial compensation regardless of the manner in which an injury caused, FELA is a fault-based law that requires railroad workers injured to prove that their employer's negligence played an important role in their injuries.

The FELA also defines different types of damages that an injured worker could be awarded. They include medical expenses along with lost wages, pain and suffering. If the victim suffers an injury to the head that is traumatic They may also be entitled to permanent disability benefits and total disability, as well as future loss of earnings and companionship.

In addition to a brain injury, FELA claims can also be filed for a variety of other conditions and diseases which result from exposure to toxic substances at work. Many former railroad workers, such as those who worked as engineers, conductors, switchmen or machinists are now suffering from cancers like mesothelioma. These former railroad employees were exposed to asbestos, diesel fumes silica dust chemical solvents chemical solvents, and weed killers.

A FELA attorney with years of experience can assist you in navigating your claim to the best of your ability. Your attorney will have to be familiar with FELA and other laws that are relevant to your case. This includes the Occupational Safety and Heath Administration regulations as well as the Boiler Inspection Act.

Occupational Diseases

An occupational illness is an injury or illness that is the result of one's job. Unlike traumatic injuries, such as those sustained in car accidents or workplace accidents, many occupational diseases are developed gradually over time. This is due to the constant exposure to toxic chemicals that are a part of the work routine.

Many railroad workers are exposed to a myriad of dangerous chemicals. As a result, they are frequently suffering from serious illnesses and chronic health issues. Certain of these ailments could be life-threatening and require continuous treatment. Fortunately, there are compensations available for injured railroad workers.

Cancer is among the most frequent diseases. Numerous studies have linked cancer in wasatch railroad contractors lawsuit workers to exposure to diesel fumes and other chemical hazards. These chemicals include benzene, which is a noxious substance that can cause blood cancers as well as other diseases. It is present in gasoline, various types of wood preservatives and certain kinds of tar.

A lawsuit filed against CNW Union Pacific alleged a former railroad employee who worked for the railroad for more than 30 yrs developed lung cancer due to exposure to diesel exhausts and other toxic chemicals. The employee was exposed hazardous substances, including creosote-coated rail ties. The lawsuit alleges that the railroad company used the "soaking wet" method of treating rail ties, leaving employees covered from head to toe in the chemicals.

Wrongful Death

blacklands railroad lawsuit employees are exposed to a variety of toxic chemicals and cancer-causing substances on their job. Unfortunately, a few of these exposures can cause premature deaths among workers and their families. If the death of a person is the result of the negligence of a railroad business it is possible to file a lawsuit for wrongful deaths. An experienced Pennsylvania railroad class action lawsuit injury lawyer will analyze the circumstances surrounding the death of your loved ones and determine if you might be entitled to compensation.

In the closing argument, Damick argued that Brown did not know that creosote is a cause of AML and that the CNW was aware of the toxicity of this substance for years. He also pointed out that the CNW was required to provide protective clothing in 1986, but did not do so until it was acquired by Union Pacific in 1996.

In cases where FRA declares that the railroad was willful and obnoxious, it may be penalized, cited or fined but its parent company, or any other institution, like a union, cannot reimburse the railroad for this penalty. Congress intended that penalties have a deterrent impact on individual behavior, which would be reduced or eliminated if the railroad, or its affiliates, paid for the penalties. If an individual or railroad refuses to pay a fine, the FRA through the Attorney-General will pursue the appropriate United States District Court.


Railroad workers are exposed carcinogens on a regular basis and these toxic substances can cause various types of cancers and chronic illnesses including mesothelioma, lung cancer, esophageal cancer, and non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. If a worker is diagnosed with one of these illnesses and suspects that their health issue is related to exposure at work, they should consult an experienced railroad cancer attorney.

In a recent case an Illinois jury gave $50,000 to the family of a railroad worker who died from mesothelioma. The plaintiff worked from 1976 to 2008 for the Chicago & North Western Railway and its successor Union Pacific Railroad Company. As a maintenance worker, the plaintiff was exposed to creosote-coated railroad workers cancer lawsuit tie. The jury determined that his wrongful death was caused by his long-term exposure to these chemicals as well as other hazardous materials found on the railroad.

The decision, while not huge it demonstrates the possibility of significant damages in the event of a FELA lawsuit. Railroads are accountable for medical expenses, lost income and other losses suffered by their employees in cases such as this. An experienced railroad cancer lawyer could assist victims to obtain the justice they deserve.

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